Living alone isn’t cheap. Without roommates to split the rent or a significant other to help pay the bills, draining your paycheque just to get by is often the way it goes. But, knowing the cost of living in Canada‘s biggest cities could help you make changes to your budget. Maybe it could even inspire you to move somewhere more affordable so you have a better shot at bulking up your savings account.

Numbeo is the world’s largest crowdsourced database for cost of living. It breaks down all of the expenses required to live comfortably on your own in cities across Canada and all over the globe. It lists the average price of all of your expenses and even lets you compare the cost of living between cities so you know how your city stacks up.

Here are Numbeo’s breakdowns for the cost of living in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.



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A single person in Toronto spends an estimated $1,226.66 per month, not including rent. That’s based on details from over 700 contributors over the past 12 months, so it’s a pretty good snapshot, but of course, it varies from person to person depending on their lifestyle.

For example, a one-bedroom apartment costs just over 1,600 per month outside of the city centre, but if you live in the city, you can expect to pay roughly $300 more. The amount also accounts for things like restaurants, new clothing and a gym membership. By shopping secondhand and working out at home, you could shave a few hundred bucks off Numbeo’s estimated total.



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In Calgary, you need about $1,175.85 for your expenses per month if you live alone. Plus, you’ll have to tack on roughly $1,055.54 per month for a one-bedroom rental outside of the city centre and $200 more if you’re living in the downtown core.

Seems like a lot, but compared to Toronto, you’re really saving. Rent in Calgary is 34.15% cheaper on average than in Toronto, and the city as a whole is 3.66% cheaper.

Plus, your monthly expenses vary depending on your transportation method and leisure activities of choice. A monthly transit pass in Calgary costs an estimated $109 per month, but if you drive, there’s gas, car payments and insurance to consider. Numbeo doesn’t provide an estimate for the average cost of car insurance, but gasoline is priced at $1.27 per litre.


Edmontonians living alone need about $1,187.43 per month for their expenses. That’s based on input from over 200 people over the past year. On average, rent is 41.42% cheaper in Edmonton than in Toronto. A one-bedroom apartment outside of the city centre costs just $982.70 on average. Gas and transportation passes come out to a little bit less than in Calgary, at $98 per month and $1.24 per litre.


Total expenses for residents living alone in Vancouver are almost the same as in Calgary at $1,174.55. That may be slightly cheaper than Toronto, but when it comes to rent, Vancouverites are paying 9.25% more on average than Torontonians. These details are based on input from over 400 contributors in the past 12 months.

According to a new report by Zumper, one-bedrooms in Toronto are around $330 cheaper than in Vancouver. All of this to say, living alone in this picturesque city will cost you a pretty penny.

A one-bedroom rental apartment in Vancouver’s city centre costs $2,040.26 on average, compared to 1,657.04 outside of the city. A single cappuccino will run you just under $5,  so unless you really want to treat yourself, you might want to stick to tea.