You can save time and reserve your spot in the security line at Toronto Pearson Airport before your departing flight.

In an effort to help “streamline the passenger flow and ease wait times,” through international and domestic departures, Pearson has launched its newest program, YYZ Express.

It was launched in partnership with CLEAR and Copenhagen Optimization for the program’s customization and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority for implementation within the terminals.

Through the program, passengers will be able to make an online reservation up to 72 hours before their flight by simply adding their flight info and the number of people who are flying in their party.

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Then, once you’re able to book a time slot, a QR code will be sent for travelers to show airport staff at the security checkpoint, 15 minutes before their scheduled time.

“We’re committed to equipping passengers with digital solutions that make travel more predictable and modernize the experience with government partners like CATSA,” said¬†Deborah Flint, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Toronto Airport Authority.

“As we look toward holiday travel and connecting passengers with loved ones across the globe, YYZ Express is another step towards a fully digital journey for those passengers who want it; to move more seamlessly through the airport.”

Reservations and walk-up appointments are available every day for all Domestic and International departing passengers at the Terminal 1 D Gates security screening point from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM and Terminal 3 B and C Gates security screening points from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

YYZ Express is free to use. Now you won’t dread the wait times at security – just skip them!