Toronto Pearson International Airport is a spot a lot of Torontonians know well. When you’re getting ready to take a flight one of the first things you do is drop off your luggage! But have you ever wondered how exactly the luggage gets from you to the aircraft?

Toronto Pearson Airport is offering an inside look at the journey luggage takes and it’s pretty interesting!

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Posting a video to social media, Toronto Pearson is giving passengers an inside look at the journey luggage takes from your hands to the aircraft.

According to Toronto Pearson, once an airline unloads a bag into the baggage handling system, it typically takes about three minutes to reach a baggage carousel.

Toronto Pearson’s system includes more than 30 kilometres of conveyor belts which process anywhere from 85,000 to 100,000 bags per day depending on the time of year!

Next, the luggage gets x-rayed and scanned by The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

It’s then sorted by the destination city and flight number on the tag it was given so it can be easily picked up by the airline’s baggage handlers and put onto carts.

Those carts are then loaded onto your aircraft and voilĂ !

While it’s fun to see the journey your bag takes, always remember to check your airlines baggage requirements before you leave for the airport!

Here’s hoping you and your bags have a safe and fun trip!