Look, we’ve all been there before. It’s the morning after a night out where you may have had one too many. It happens to the best of us and there is one surefire way to feel a little better – brunch. We’ve put together a list of 10 brunches in Toronto to help with a hangover. Don’t forget to take an Advil first, though.

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Lazy Daisy’s Cafe

This popular spot for breakfast and brunch is just the cure you need to feel better when you have a hangover, specifically the breakfast sandwich with buttermilk biscuit with smoked bacon, egg, and melted aged white cheddar.

Where: Lazy Daisy’s Cafe, 1515 Gerrard St E


Nothing says hangover recovery quite like poutine and O’Somae has one you can order for brunch. The breakfast poutine is every hungover person’s dream with mozzarella curds, Sriracha mayo, and hollandaise all served on a bed of fries.

Where: O’Somae, 357 Broadview Ave

Mildred’s Temple

I know what I want when the hangover hits – a big stack of fluffy pancakes. Mildred’s Temple is known for their stack of mouth-watering blueberry pancakes with a wild blueberry compote, maple syrup and whipped cream. Perfection.

Where: Mildred’s Temple, 85 Hanna Ave

Cafe Landwer

Some people prefer a more savoury option when it comes to a hangover brunch. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Cafe Landwer has a whole list of Shakshuka including Mediterranean, Halloumi, Merguez and their signature one with two eggs, tahini, a side salad and a choice of pita, multigrain, challah or focaccia.

Where: Multiple locations

Starving Artist 


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Now, back to the sweet stuff. Starving Artist serves up all things waffles and they make for the perfect hangover brunch. Grab the signature waffles and choose from toppings such as pineapple, strawberry, bananas, peanut butter, Nutella, coconut, peanuts, chocolate chips, caramel chips, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup and strawberry syrup.

Where: Starving Artist, 810 College St, 505 Mount Pleasant Rd, 2141 Kipling Ave & 833 Runnymede Rd


Jamaican food is always a good choice, especially when you need something delicious during a hangover. Chubby’s brunch menu has just what you need including their Fried Chicken and Pineapple Waffles. This dish comes with fried jerk chicken, caramelized pineapple cornmeal waffles, coconut creme fraiche and sorrel syrup.

Where: Chubby’s, 104 Portland St

Le Sélect Bistro 

If you’re feeling extra hungry during a hangover, why not go for the ultimate indulgence – steak frites. Treat yourself to Le Select’s steak frites during brunch hours (they open at 11:30 AM during the week and 10:30 AM on weekends) and make the most of that hangover.

Where: Le Sélect Bistro, 432 Wellington St W


Do you get extra hungry when you are hungover? Head to MARKED and dive into their all-you-can-eat brunch. The deal also comes with bottomless Prosecco but we’ll let you decide if that will be helpful to your hangover or not.

Where: MARKED, 132 John St

OEB Breakfast Co. 

Want a classic brunch to assist with that next-day feeling? OEB is the place to go. The classic plate comes with two eggs any style, herb potatoes fried in beef tallow, choice of hardwood smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, rosemary ham, blueberry chicken bangers or artisan breakfast bangers, and artisan toast. Yessss.

Where: OEB, 125 E Liberty St & 20 Toronto St

Flo’s Diner


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Another spot serving up delicious, classic brunch AKA the perfect hangover remedy. We recommend going big with the Big Breakfast – eggs with bacon & choice of farmers sausage: hot Italian or turkey & with french toast or choice of waffle: plain, chocolate chip or blueberry.

Where: Flo’s Diner, 70 Yorkville Ave 2nd Floor

Hangover brunches to the rescue, Toronto!