If you live downtown Toronto, there’s a high chance you wake up to the sound of construction, and you can see at least one crane out your window – if you can see anything besides another building. As we stare at three cranes ourselves, it really comes as no surprise that Toronto has more cranes than any other city in North America.

According to the Rider Levett Bucknall’s Crane Index for North America, which tracks the number of operating tower cranes in 14 major cities across the US and Canada, Toronto has seen a 21% increase from this time last year.

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April’s Crane Index said that cities seeing an increase in cranes include Chicago, Denver, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. As for cities holding steady in their crane counts, those include Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. The only other Canadian city mentioned in the Index is Calgary, which is among North American cities that saw a decrease in cranes, and also include Boston, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Toronto has lead the crane count in North America since 2015. “The commercial sector leads the change in the numbers, with an increase of 18 cranes. Residential and mixeduse projects also experienced growth, with a combined increase of seven cranes,” states the report.

Image via Curiocity Group

Generally, the top three sectors for cranes are residential, mixed-use, and commercial.

“We expect the crane count to remain steady, as many projects are experiencing delays in their schedules due to supply chain issues and construction costs continue to climb up, giving some developers hesitancy to break ground at this time,” reads the Index.

With all the construction downtown, it’s no wonder Toronto’s skyline could look so different by 2030.