It looks like Toronto will continue to live up to its reputation as North America’s construction crane capital over the next few years. A series of 3D renderings show just how many new towers will pop up by 2030 and transform the city’s skyline as the population booms.

The images, created by Future Model Toronto’s Stephen Velasco, visualize the future of what Toronto will look like by plotting out the new and proposed developments that are in the works.

According to Velasco, there are over 220 cranes in operation, over 100 buildings over 100 m tall that are under construction, and over 300 buildings over 100 m that have been proposed. Of these developments, the vast majority are residential and mixed-use buildings.

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Some of these approved structures include supertall skyscrapers like The One and Sky Tower, both of which are well over 300 m tall.

Velasco says the “Manhattanization of Toronto” shows no signs of slowing down, especially as the city’s population soars in the coming years.

The City of Toronto’s population demographics estimates that 3.5 million people will call Toronto home by 2030, which is a 30% increase compared to today.

Because the majority of buildable land is made up of single-family homes, Toronto’s “high-density corridors” like the downtown core, Yonge and Eglinton, The Golden Mile, Don Mills and Eglinton, North York Centre, and Scarborough City Centre will get even denser.

All of this inevitably means more construction noise and traffic disruptions, so if you don’t love the sound of that, maybe it’s time to join the herd of Ontarians getting out of dodge and moving to other provinces.