From the listing photos of this luxury condo for sale at Bisha Hotel, you’d never know how much work it took to make it so immaculate.

According to the realtors at, this unit was owned by someone with a “hoarding problem” that could only be saved with the help of “military-grade professional cleaners.”

A recent article by Strata says that realtor Cyrus Ghazvini was contacted by the high-end Bisha Residences to get this condo ready to sell.

However, nothing could have prepared Ghazvini for the task at hand. Not only was the one-bedroom unit completely littered with takeout containers and fruit flies, but it also reeked of “rotting food and stale cigarettes.”

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According to the article, residents of the building told Ghazvini that the owner of the unit rarely left. He ordered in for practically every meal, and would frequently have a single bubble tea delivered to his door.

More concerningly, however, it seems that the owner is now “MIA,” according to the article.

His unit had been in default over maintenance fees, and the Bisha condo board had no choice but to take ownership of his home.

Ghazvini said in the article that two rounds of cleaning were required to get this place back into order. Finally, after fresh paint and some tasteful staging, the condo looked good as new.

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“The transformation was shocking,” said Ghazvini. “It went from a hoarder’s den to a luxury residence, as it was always meant to be.”

Now listed for $749,900, any prospective buyer would be none the wiser. No mention of its unsavoury history is made in the description, but hey, why hold onto the past?