Attention animal lovers — Toronto Cat Rescue needs your help. The shelter is urgently seeking foster homes for 135 cats and kittens that were recently rescued from one home.

The cats were rescued by one of their partner organizations, who described the situation as “devastating.”

“We are currently facing a critical situation and urgently need to onboard new foster homes,” said the rescue group on social media.

Toronto Cat Rescue is working to place all of these cats and kittens in temporary homes for 6 to 8 weeks as they are prepared for adoption.

The organization says that all of these cats are “very friendly and healthy,” and according to the photos, they’re also adorable.

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Photo via Toronto Cat Rescue

All of the cats will be spayed or neutered and will receive a thorough vet check.

“By providing a temporary home for one or two of these cats, you will quite literally be saving a life and ensuring that these cats receive the love, care, and attention they deserve,” the post says.

Those interested and able to foster a cat will be supported through the process by the Foster Coordinators and the Health Care team.

Photo via Toronto Cat Rescue

And if you’re unable to foster, Toronto Cat Rescue asks for help to spread the word in hopes that more people will apply and provide temporary homes for these lovable creatures.

“Fostering a cat can be a rewarding experience and is a vital service to help animals in need,” says the shelter.

If you’re ready to have a furry companion by your side for a few weeks, you can apply to be a foster owner here.