We all love a good lay in the sun during summer but sometimes you don’t want those pesky tan lines which is totally fair. Despite our state’s free-loving past, you might be surprised to learn that there aren’t as many nude or clothing-optional beaches around the Sound as you might expect. That being said there are a few, here’s where you can find clothing-optional beaches in Seattle.

Denny-Blaine Park


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First off, this is a great spot if what you really want to do is sit on Lake Washington. What’s extra nice about Denny-Blaine is that it’s not your typical beach. In fact, it has a terraced grass design so you don’t have to worry about getting sand everywhere. Oh, and it’s clothing-optional!

Where: 200 Lake Washington Blvd E

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Howell Park


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This is one of the only other places in Seattle where you can sit in the sun and not worry about getting a tan line. Howell Park is one of the most popular clothing-optional beaches in Seattle. It’s a smaller-sized park with a sloping hill that leads right down into Lake Washington. So you can either lay in the sun, go for a dip, or both!

Where: 1740 Howell Pl

Enjoy the beaches!