Another day, another new Tim Hortons drink. The chain has unveiled their new drink lineup for spring and summer, and they’ve gotten creative with their flavour combos this season.

The new cold drinks are available starting on April 5th across Canada and there are six of them to try.

Oreo enthusiasts will be able to sip on their favourite cookie in Iced Capp form, thanks to the new Oreo Double Stuf Iced Capp.

The drink features blended Oreo cookie crumble and vanilla syrup. It’s topped with vanilla-flavoured whipped topping and finished off with even more Oreo cookie crumble.

There’s also the Oreo Strawberry Creamy Chill, which combines fruit and chocolate with Oreo cookie crumble.

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Photo via Tim Hortons

If your morning pick-me-up could use a little more flavour, you’ll want to try the Caramel Toffee Cold Brew.

This beverage is steeped for 16 hours, infused with Caramel Toffee syrup and topped with espresso-infused cold foam.

On those extra hot days, you can refresh with the all-new Strawberry Watermelon and Peach Real Fruit Quenchers, served over ice.

For something more understated, you can opt for the newest iced latte, the Vanilla Iced Latte.

This espresso drink is served with ice, a hint of vanilla and your choice of ice-chilled milk, cream, or an oat or almond beverage.

And finally, there’s the Strawberry Frozen Lemonade, a “fruity and tangy” drink that is best enjoyed in the sunshine.

So, there you have it, Canada! Now all that’s left to do is to zoom over to your nearest Tim Hortons and give them a try.