You’ve heard of destination weddings, so the only natural evolution is a ‘donustination’ version. Last month, a video surfaced on TikTok of a happy wedding ceremony, with the twist being that it went down in a Tim Hortons! Here’s what we were able to find out.

Posted by TikTok user ‘rmoney86’, the short clip showed a Tim Hortons packed with both patrons and wedding guests. The relaxed atmosphere showed that the location had been decorated to match the wedding, with even some balloons throughout the dining room for a little extra flare.

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In the comments, the original poster gave a few more details. First off, the ceremony itself took place in Digby, Nova Scotia. And apparently, it was the same location where the lucky bride and groom had first met! An extra bonus? Since the bridge actually works there, the location was happy to host (and did so for no extra charge). Which means bonus cash for the honeymoon (hopefully!)

It’s not the first time Tim Hortons has seen a wedding go down. In fact, another took place in Belleville, Nova Scotia back in 2017. And Lethbridge, Alberta, saw its own version in 2015. Hey, we’d take some Timbits over wedding cake any day of the week. Just saying…