If you’re one of those people that feels out buying concert tickets, then your patience (or your frugality) might just pay off! Last week, Live Nation announced the return of ‘Concert Week’, which will offer $25 tickets to a ton of the hottest concerts of the year.

Starting on May 4th, Live Nation will be offering $25 all-in tickets for some 3,700 of its concerts. While the locations and dates are unknown right now, the artist lineup is. And oh boy, is there a lot to choose from on there. Backstreet Boys, Halsey, Pitbull, Swedish House Mafia… basically, an option no matter what kind of music you’re into.

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The sale will be on for an entire week, ending on May 10th. We suggest checking things out sooner rather than later though, as tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Of course, we’ll be up bright and early on May 4th to see which tickets are actually available for Canada.

In the meanwhile, it might be worth your time to check out the full roundup of artists included in the Concert Week deal. We’ve already got like a half dozen in mind, so there are some hard choices ahead!