Chasing waterfalls this summer? Then you have to check out Tiffany Falls, a magical lesser-known gem less than an hour from Toronto.

Located in Ancaster, Tiffany Falls Conservation Area is considered a “significant natural area” for its bedrock exposures, which are an Earth Science Area of Regional Significance.

From the parking lot, you’ll embark on a short trail that takes about 10 minutes to complete โ€” unless you stop for photos of course, which you’ll definitely want to do!

This forested trail has a series of scenic bridges and gently flowing streams which you can even dip your toes into on a warm day.

Once you’ve meandered to the end of the nature path, you’ll be greeted by the majestic 21-metre cascade of Tiffany Falls.

A set of stairs will take you up to a small observation deck where you can enjoy the falls in all of their glory.

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In the winter, Tiffany Falls freezes over and forms beautiful shapes that look like a scene out of a fantasy movie.

And if you’re up for an adventure, you can cross the street to embark on the Bruce Trail, which will take you to two more waterfalls โ€”Sherman Falls and Canterbury Falls.

Not far from these beautiful sights is the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area where you’ll find two more majestic cascades.

They don’t call Hamilton the city of waterfalls for nothing!

The two falls that you’ll find at Spencer Gorge are Webster Falls and Tew Falls.

According to the Hamilton Conservation Authority, Webster is described as a โ€œmagnificent tiered waterfallโ€ while Tew is recognized for its height.

It stands tall at 41 metres which, per the conservation authority, is only โ€œa few metres shorter than Niagara Falls.โ€

With so much to see all in one place, we’d say that a day trip (or a weekend getaway) to waterfall city is in order!

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

Where: 900 Wilson Street East, Ancaster

Cost: Parking $11 for one hour