We’re not going to pretend to possess Master’s degrees in Architecture, but we do know a pretty building when we see one. And, there’s no doubt that Vancouver’s own Leckie Studio makes some very pretty buildings. In fact, they just won a national award for their efforts! Here’s the scoop.

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, which has around 5,000 members, recently announced this year’s winner of the Emerging Architectural Practice Award, and it was none other than Leckie Studio. The award recognizes an ’emerging’ studio (no more than 10 years old) for producing distinguished designs, client care, and a couple of other factors.

leckie studio
Photo via Leckie Studio

And, Leckie Studio fit the bill this year! The studio itself was founded in 2015, but has already designed a wide variety of buildings, ranging from residential homes to tea shops to art centres. We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly impressed that they can make a tiny little lakeside cabin look just as good as, say, the Slack headquarters in Vancouver.

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vancouver design
Photo via Leckie Studio

Some of the jury comments on the award highlight Leckie Studio’s ‘extraordinary commitment to regionalism and their skillful understanding of materials’. In layman’s terms, they think the studio knows how to fit a building into the city/space around it, and will make sure they use the right stuff that the finished project matches the actual design.

Photo via Leckie Studio

Personally, we’re excited to see which of their projects in Vancouver are going to be built next. While massive skyrises are always fun to talk about, it’s this kind of architecture that we really love- weird, hidden, “have to look twice” stuff dotted around the city.

Want to see more of Leckie Studio’s designs? We should did- you can check them out on their website.