It looks like Grouse Mountain’s very own Boo Boo and Yogi Bears have crept out of hibernation. Grinder and Coola, their actual names, woke up from a restful hibernation and are ready for a summer of fun.

This year’s 170-day hibernation marks bears’ longest since their arrival at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife in 2001.

Photo via Grouse Mountain Facebook

The two bears both rescued from the wild after being found in really rough shape, but over the last 20 years, they’ve enjoyed their new home at the refuge!

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Photo via Grouse Mountain Facebook

On top of the two bears waking up from their slumber, Refuge is partnering with Granville Island Brewing Co! They’re releasing the Grizzly Amber Ale to celebrate 20 years of Grouse Mountain Resort’s existence. The new ale will be served up at the Mountain this summer, so if you want to give it a try, head on up!

Photo via Grouse Mountain Facebook

We know what you’re thinking, and we do not think that the bears will get a chance to try the new beer. We’re not biologists, but we’re pretty sure beer isn’t in a grizzly’s natural diet.

If you want to know more about the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife, check out their site here.