Some of our readers might remember that we talked about the new ‘PattyPass’ for Vancouver back at the start of April. But, we think a quick reminder is good ahead of summer! Here’s why you need to know about this great offer.

The PattyPass comes from The Real Beef Buddies, who are trying to uncover all the best places to grab a burger in the city. And of course, they also want to share their knowledge of this with you, alongside some screaming deals. Basically, the PattyPass gets you half-off a burger at 7 different must-try spots around the city.

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If you’re curious, these are:

  • Bells & Whistles (2 locations)
  • Between 2 Buns
  • DownLow Burgers
  • Fable Diner
  • Popina Canteen
  • Pourhouse

Each location has both meat and vegetarian options on the menu. So, whether you’re craving an upscale portobello burger or ready to dive into a double cheese, you’ll easily find the option you’re looking for. The pass costs $15 to buy, and considering burger prices, by the third visit you’ll be saving money. All in, you’re looking at savings upwards of $40, if you manage to visit all 7 locations.

And, as a final kicker, $1 from each pass sold goes towards the Vancouver Food & Beverage Community,