We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, horror is subjective. Because the world around us can be just as scary as what horror directors depict on the big screen. And that’s why the Fremont Abbey Arts Center’s haunted house is worth checking out, it’s a multi-arts experience looking at just how scary our changing world is.

By ‘changing world’, we mean climate change. Something we’ve all seen this year in our own country between the fires across North America and Hurricane Ida. If you want to see the scary realities of climate change come to life as you wander through a dark maze haunted by the shadows of our time, this is the spot for you. Come face to face with the “Fossil Fool” business executives and try to avoid the desperate pleas of the hungry ghosts of consumerism.

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Now we know that many of you are overwhelmed by climate change and because of that, a haunted house with such a real topic can be, well, overwhelming. But what makes this event so unique is that its purpose is to bring artists together to create a space where people can move through those emotions and grief. So think of it almost like a therapeutic haunted house if you will.

And after you experience navigating through the haunted house you can head upstairs for live music to lighten the mood and start your Halloweekend off right. If you’re looking for a different way to get spooked this year, this is probably as unique as it gets. Need more convincing? The proceeds from the haunted house will go towards supporting artists and frontline climate actions. So feel good, get spooked, and click below to learn more.

Our House Is On Fire at Fremont Abbey Arts Center

When: October 29th & 30th
Where: 4272 Fremont Ave N
Cost: $10-$40