If walls could talk, what kinds of dark stories would they tell? Just imagine how many sinister secrets could be lurking in your very own neighbourhood or don’t. But thanks to two curious brothers in Canada you might actually be able to find out.

Housecreep is a real estate website that lists “stigmatized properties” located all over the world. It was founded by Robert Bernard Armieri and Albert Armieri in 2013 with the goal of encouraging “disclosure in the real estate industry, and to help home buyers and renters make informed decisions.” Because it’s totally fair to want to know if anything unsavoury has gone down in your home sweet home.

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The website lists exactly that, houses where all sorts of shady events have taken place, from deaths and murders to paranormal activity and drug busts. You can even filter your search based on the type of incident and the year that it took place.

The Housecreep website features over 24,300 listings across America, the majority of them being in Illinois, Missouri, California, and Indiana. Now because Washington is one of the serial killer capitals of the country, you know we have at least a few homes with a dark history. There are 334 to be exact with 92 in Tacoma and 17 in Seattle.

Each listing comes with a brief description of what took place within its walls. This Seattle home was allegedly haunted by past residents who died on the property and was visited by an exorcist to send the ghosts back to where they came from. Unfortunately, Seattle has a lot fewer paranormal homes than we expected, with most of the reports in our city being for drug labs and crime.

But Tacoma is a bit of a different story, the city’s homes are riddled with homicides, drug busts, and the paranormal. Apparently, the owners of this Tacoma home found the remains of 2 children and a woman in their basement walls when renovating. When they spoke with the home’s previous owners they recounted stories of strange events like knocking on the walls and pictures falling off of hooks. Psst, Ted Bundy’s childhood home is also there. Seriously spooky right?

Now before you get too spooked, keep in mind that a lot of the information on Housecreep is crowdsourced. The details are sometimes backed up by news articles, but it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt unless there is legitimate evidence. Now be prepared, because some of the incidents on the website are disturbing. And we apologize in advance if you discover that your home was once haunted.