Ready to get seriously spooked? You’ll be able to visit Seattle’s favorite haunted house starting this month. That’s right folks, The Georgetown Morgue is back for another year of terrifying haunts that you won’t soon forget.

The Georgetown Morgue is a unique building. Aside from hosting one of Seattle’s best and most iconic haunted houses, it of course has a history of death and is also the site of one of Seattle’s most gruesome unsolved crimes on record. Just what happened you may ask?

On October 25th, 1968, the entire facility staff of Broughton Brothers Funeral Services was bound and forced into the crematorium chamber by an unidentified individual. There were no surviving witnesses and no suspects were ever identified. It’s believed that the motive had something to do with “less-than-legitimate business practices” at the funeral home. Yikes!

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With a history like that, it’ll be hard for you to tell whether you’re seeing actors or vengeful ghosts as you navigate the halls of this haunted house.

Your spooky journey will have you wandering through a decrepit Catacomb as you try to avoid Dr. Simons and his trusted goons Rigor and Mortis, all while trying to survive the night.

New this year is “The Dark Maze” an attraction that is exactly what it sounds like. You and your group are all alone in a pitch black maze until you find a way out.

Keep in mind that this haunted house is intended for folks 12 and older and please don’t attend if you think that being seriously scared might harm you.

Enjoy and don’t scare yourself too silly.

Georgetown Morgue Haunted House

When: Weekends and select additional days Friday, September 22nd-Saturday, November 4th
Where: 5000 East Marginal Way South
Cost: $35-$255+