In a city where the only way to afford a down payment on a 400 sq ft condo is by selling a vital organ, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of folks are choosing to rent instead of buy. However, the dilapidated units that are passing as rentals in Toronto these days seem to get worse by the hour, and this tenant may just have the most uninhabitable one in the whole city.

TikTok user Russel Westlake posted an apartment tour called, “Things in my downtown Toronto apartment that just make sense,” showcasing the unbelievable lengths that the landlord obviously went to to make the renters as miserable as possible.

The video begins with a shot of the home’s front door, which is actually in a back alley, then two extremely narrow flights of stairs up to the unit.

“This is my entire apartment, there’s no living room, it’s just two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small kitchen filled with appliances that are straight out of the Stone Age,” the TikToker says.

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Westlake goes on to point out the single functioning stovetop burner, the oven door that scrapes against the wall, and the “mysterious brown liquid” always leaking from the fridge. The bedroom has a crooked window, a crooked wall, and no closet, but the waterfront view is a small plus.

Hot water can only be accessed through the bathtub, and even then “it only lasts about 20 minutes,” according to Westlake. The apartment is outfitted with ant traps, an electrical panel “that sometimes sparks,” and the Christmas lights that function as an extension cord when the outlets stop working.

Finally, the clip shows a fallen tree that knocked out power lines and blocks the apartment’s only entrance and exit.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a Toronto resident exposed their living conditions on TikTok. One person recently shared a series of videos chronicling the neverending chaos at Toronto’s ICE condos.

If this is is what it takes to get by in Toronto on a budget, we’re hightailing it to the boonies.