We know that reopening is in sight but the fact is, COVID-19 is still here and will be for quite a while. With that in mind, the future of entertaining will definitely be different and people will want to continue to play things safe. That’s why we’re loving the growing popularity of COVID safe picnics. Especially the curated offerings from Rainy Day Picnics.

Rainy Day Picnics is all about providing you with your dream picnic experience. And we love that they have custom picnics as well as picnic packages depending on your needs. You can enjoy a picnic on your own property or opt for locations like Ravenwood’s Farm, Matthews Winery, Crystal Creek Tree Farm, or even Duffy Boats NW.

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Each of these locations comes with perks like seeing animals up close, a bottle of wine, a train ride, or being out on the water. These experiences and ad on’s like professional photographers, raindrop tents, spa treatments, and more really set Rainy Day Picnics apart. It’s truly an experience that you won’t forget and is an excellent way to safely celebrate any occasion.

If you’d like to book a picnic, they will cost you $200 to $595+ depending on how many people and how long your picnic is. When it comes to add-ons, they’ll cost between $18 to $100+ each. Now keep in mind Rainy Day Picnics are hot ticket items, so you’ll definitely want to book ahead. With that, if you’d like to learn more you can click here and let us know if you end up having a picnic. Enjoy folks!

Rainy Day Picnics

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