We all know that a future full of automation is rapidly heading our way. And one Seattle had to drive that point home by creating a fully automated pizza machine. That’s right, no pizza tossing, no watching the pizza go in the oven, just a robot making pizza. The Picnic Pizza System is all about running a kitchen the easy way.

We’ll admit that we’re not so sure how we feel about an automated pizza machine. But we do respect the ingenuity and work that went into creating such a streamlined piece of machinery. After all, the Picnic Pizza System can do it all. The machine sauces your pie, then tops it with the precise amount of cheese and other freshly prepared toppings. Plus it can even do custom orders, pretty nifty huh?

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What also sets this machine apart is its modular design, optional POS integration and ability to be cleaned easily. It’s really built to streamline the restaurant experience for both customers and owners. And we can easily see how a machine like this would be wildly popular in today’s dining sphere which is mostly based on takeout and delivery.

And while these are meant for restaurant use, if you have some money to blow you could probably put one of these bad boys in your home. We’re going to assume that it will cost you a pretty penny but might be worth it if you’re constantly ordering pizza. If you’d like to learn more about the Picnic Pizza System you can click here.