If watching the northern lights alongside polar bears is on your bucket list, then we’ve got the place for you. If it isn’t, well this place is certainly a conversation starter. After all, polar bears are great icebreakers and we’re great at telling bad jokes. Let’s get to it.

Tundra Lodge Polar Bear Adventure

tundra lodge polar bear hotel tours

Now, we aren’t going to mention price just yet because we want the experience to speak for itself. Situated at the very northern tip of Manitoba is a town of around 900 people called Churchill. It’s famous for some incredibly unique wildlife adventures, blistering cold temperatures, and maybe most of all, polar bears.

That’s where the Tundra Lodge comes in, along with its rolling hotel specifically designed for polar bear tours.

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Okay, so Tundra Lodge offers up a variety of tours and packages, but the one that really caught our eye was the ‘Tundra Lodge Adventure’. This is billed as “the most extraordinary polar bear experience available” and includes 7 days and a maximum of 29 passengers.

tundra lodge polar bear hotel tours

The tour will feature round-the-clock proximity to polar bears and daily excursions on this custom “train” that will take guests further and further into polar bear territory.

The idea is simple but ridiculously cool. The lounge, dining, and sleeping cars are all connected and built on wheels. This allows the tour to follow bears day and night while guests become truly immersed in the natural landscape.


Now, this isn’t the Ritz, so sleeping quarters and the dining aren’t overly impressive. That being said, the true thrill of the tour is getting up close and personal with some incredible wildlife.

Also, this particular package is a big chunk of change. With meals, some adult beverages (nice), cold-weather gear, accommodations, and airfare included, the Tundra Lodge Adventure is priced at $9595.