Experience the Arctic at Toronto’s new Canada Goose concept store

Via CNW Group/Canada Goose

Canada Goose is opening a first of its kind retail concept store in Toronto, and it’s going to be unlike any shopping experience you’ve ever had! Unless you’ve shopped in the Artic, that is.

Okay, we know not everyone is really into this brand, and we get that. We’re still going to tell you what to expect at the store because that’s our job!

The whole idea is to make you feel as if you’re in the environment Canada Goose was created for. We know, you probably don’t actually want to be in the Arctic. Looks cool, but we prefer minimal frostbite too.


First of all, you’ll step through a two-storey glacier facade, walking over a crevasse to the sound of cracking ice. This is where we pee ourselves.

Next, 60-foot wide curved displays project bespoke 4K nature content, which changes seasonally. You can explore the iconic Snow Mantra parkas with interactive learning points. Then, you’ll be outfitted in the Cold Room to test out the jacket in a balmy -12°C. Minus 12? That’s hardly winter, but there might be some liability concerns if they jacked it down any lower. Anyway, there’s real snow in here. It’s wild. Can we build a snowman?

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canada goose parka

While you’re (not?) shivering, you’ll be treated to two original films narrated by Goose People, four-time Iditarod champion.

Finally, anything you buy will be optionally delivered to your home, often same-day. This insane, immersive shopping experience is by appointment only.


When: Opens Thursday, December 5
Where: Canada Goose, CF Sherway Gardens, 25 The West Mall, Etobicoke

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