Another day, another dream of all the awesome stuff we’re going to do once this COVID-19 business is over. Today on the docket, we’re looking at a gorgeous getaway located just about an hour outside of the city. The Juniper Inn is the picture-perfect spot you didn’t know you needed. From a prime waterside location to incredible decor, this place is a serious must-see.

*Editor’s Note: During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we aren’t recommending any non-essential travel to locations outside of your Ontario region. Book this one for the future, folks!

The Juniper Inn is located in the historic Port Dalhousie. Mere steps from the Marina, beach, Martindale pond, and Royal Henley rowing course, this amazing spot has all the waterside amenities you could dream of. The welcoming coastal feel makes the place a true gem.

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Juniper Inn
Photo via
Juniper Inn
Photo via

Of course, the inn itself is pretty stellar. We’re picking up major Pinterest vibes from this spot’s aesthetics. Each room has its own theme, with the corresponding decor to fit the bill. The themes include Room Z for Zebra, M for Murphy’s (the former hotel residence), F for Flamingo, R for Rock and Roll, P for Palms, and C for Cactus. Seriously, you’ve got to see this place to believe it.

Don’t take our word for it? Take TikTok’s. A recent video posted by TikTok user @tofooddiary showcasing the space recently went viral. At the time we’re writing this, it sits at over 170k views and 23.5k likes. Guess we’re not the only ones who think this spot looks sweet!

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So next time you’re dreaming about your post-pandemic getaway, throw a trip to the Juniper Inn in the mix. You’ll never regret a visit here!


Where: 38 Lakeport Rd, St Catharines, Ontario