Seattle is known for lots of things like coffee, its music scene, and planes, more specifically, Boeing. And while we’ve seen some unique ways to reuse planes like a plane house in Oregon, a new building in downtown Seattle is about to try its own take on repurposing a Boeing 747. When it’s complete it will truly be unlike anything any of us have ever seen before.

After all, how many buildings can say that a plane is a part of the structure? Probably none… The new building at 1200 Stewart is standing out by repurposing a whole Boeing 747 as a lounge area on its lower level. Now keep in mind the wings will be trimmed a bit but it’s still pretty safe to say the plane is whole otherwise. The plane will sit suspended between the two new buildings and has been carefully planned out by Westbank and designed by Henriquez Partners Architects.

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It’s a whole new lease on life for the plane which once flew United Airlines’ customers all over the world before retiring in 2014. And while it’s easy to tell that the outside of the lounge area is a plane, the inside is getting stripped down and completely reimagined. Although it’s unlikely that any of us will get to visit the inside unless we end up living in the residential part of this new and very swanky building.

That being said, you will be able to check out the outside of it as there will be retail, a Live Nation music venue, and more within the two buildings. While we haven’t heard much commotion about this building’s construction, we could see it becoming just as iconic as the Amazon Sphere’s due to its unique building component. And what’s best of all is that you won’t have to wait much longer to check it out as the project is set to complete in 2022.

So keep your eyes peeled because sooner than you know it you’ll be able to visit this relic of Boeing’s aviation history and see what could be one of Seattle’s coolest new building. Click here to learn more.