If you were to fly over Hillsboro, Oregon you might notice something hidden beneath the tree cover. Something that looks an awful lot like what you’re currently flying in, yes a whole plan. How did it get there? Well, it’s actually the home of private pilot and engineering entrepreneur Bruce Campbell. Cool right? Well, you can actually visit it.

Photo via Bruce Campbell

Campbell purchased his decommissioned Boeing 727-200 in 1999 and then began the process of having it taken apart and moved to his property. All in all, the process cost him about $220K, $100K of that was just the plane alone. so if you live in the PNW and are looking for relatively inexpensive home inspo, a visit to Campbell’s home might be in order.

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Now you probably have a few questions about the home like does it have a bathroom? A kitchen? Rooms? Well, basically the home has revamped versions of what the airplane would have had. That means airplane bathrooms, and a smaller kitchenette style set up. As for rooms, it’s pretty much an open floor plan with all of the airliner’s original seats removed except for a few.

It’s not glamourous living, rather it’s functional and definitely inspirational when it comes to repurposing materials and objects. It’s definitely one of those things in life that need to be seen in person. so if you’re intrigued, you should consider a visit.

You can still check out the plane’s wheels, landing gear, cockpit, and all those curious buttons that make planes fly. Campbell’s home is probably the closest you’ll ever get to getting to explore an aircraft at every angle. You might even be able to take a walk on one of the wings.

Campbell’s website is extremely detailed with his visiting procedures and if you end up loving it you can actually stay there, for free. Now be sure to read all of his procedures and FAQ’s as there’s a lot to keep in mind when visiting the property. If you want to visit soon, he’s hosting a few different concerts at the property this month and also during September. As always if you end up visiting be sure to tag us in any pics you take. Have fun out there folks!