One of the biggest music industry events of the year is happening this weekend. The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards are streaming this Sunday and loads of Canadians are planning on tuning in. The event has been garnering quite a bit of buzz over the past few weeks, both good and bad, so here’s what we’ll be keeping an eye on.

Of the 83 categories at the Grammy Awards, a whopping 23 have at least one Canadian contender in the mix. Some of the most exciting highlights include obvious Canadian picks like Justin Bieber, who is nominated four times for his 2020 album Changes. Plus, of course, the 6ix God himself Drake, who’s got three singles nominated this year.

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There are also some pretty interesting underdogs to keep an eye on, like the Toronto-based duo JP Saxe and Julia Michaels. These two are nominated for their hit “If the World Was Ending.” We’re calling them underdogs because they’re up against superstars like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Dua Lipa. Plus, there’s the Canadian music engineer Shawn Everett, who’s competing against himself three times in the same category.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the snub of Scarborough’s The Weeknd. After his show-stopping performance at the Super Bowl, fans are understandably distraught about the oversight. In fact, The Weeknd himself recently announced that he’s boycotting the Grammys and will “no longer allow” his label to submit his music for consideration. Oof.

No matter what side of the drama you’re on, it’s sure to make for an entertaining night. You can catch the show this Sunday at 8 PM EST on CBS and CityTV.