When one of Vancouver’s most iconic corner stores went up for sale earlier this year, we couldn’t help but hold our breath about what its future might hold. After all, Vernon Drive Grocery was an East Vancouver staple, standing the test of time for over a century.

So, when we found out that it was set to become ‘Rise Up Marketplace’ we naturally wanted to see what the plans were. Well, good news time, because it’s offering someone new to the space without tearing it down! It’s music to our weirdly nostalgic ears.

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Rise Up is a bodega-style convenience store, helmed by Roger Collins of Calabash Bistro and Rajesh ‘Rags’ Narine of Cartems Donuts. The community-oriented spot wants to be known for three things primarily- delicious food, great music, and a focus on local goods to buy. So, whether you’re swinging by for a lunchtime sandwich or picking up some treat yourself home goods, this is a great option.

What’s more, the new spot officially opened over the weekend! Congrats to Rise Up Marketplace, and here’s to 100 more years of this iconic Vancouver spot.

Rise Up Marketplace

When: Open Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday
Where: 704 Vernon Drive