What’s up, Toronto?! Businesses are reopening, the weather is spicy, and the city is absolutely buzzin’. And you know what else is buzzin’? Us, about East of Brunswick’s new summer menu, because yes- it is that good.

In case you’re not in the know, East of Brunswick is a hidden gem gastro-pub just steps away from Spadina and Bloor. They’re known for their stellar eats, friendly vibes, and tbh… being a great place to have one (or three) bevies on the patio. And now, they’ve launched a brand spankin’ new menu, and we just can’t get enough.

east of brunswick
Photo via East of Brunswick

And, as of EOB’s reopening last month, they are the only gastro-pub in town serving up craft pizzas, cocktails, and nostalgic banana splits. Yes, banana splits!

So, what’s the scoop on this new menu?

Let’s get to the craft pizza first, because…well, it’s pizza. Duh! To start off, EOB’s dough is Poolish. And ICYMI, Poolish was a technique used by Polish bakers back in the 19th century- it takes time, but with every bite we can confirm that it’s worth it. There is gluten-free dough available as well, but if you’re gluten enthusiasts like us, you’re stickin’ to the real thing.

Photo via Shutterstock

They’ve got a total of 9 mouthwatering red and white sauce pizzas, and 5 tasty awesomesauces for dipping. Our top picks? The Quattro Formaggi and the Honkin’ Tonkin’ Chicken, which has crispy hot chicken, mozza, bread n’ butter pickles, slaw, and hot sauce, garlic ranch. Makin’ ya drool yet?

Well, don’t go anywhere just yet! ‘Cause they’ve added a banana split to their menu that makes you feel like a kid again. The best part about it? You can wash the EOB Banana Split down with one of their refreshing craft cocktails- which you definitely weren’t doing (hopefully) back in the day.

east of brunswick
Photo via East of Brunswick

Since it’s summer, we recommend the Aperol Spritz or a nice ol’ pitcher of Rose Sangria. But don’t fret, if you’re into something more traditional, you’re covered there too. With a lineup of local brews and even a Bacon Caesar on the menu, whatever you’re thirstin’ for, EOB’s got your back.

There you have it, friends! All that’s left to do is check it out for yourself. So grab your pals, grab your pooch, and hit up East of Brunswick’s patio for a truly tasty time.


East of Brunswick Pub and Kitchen

Where: 720 Spadina Ave. Unit 111, Toronto, ON M5S 2T9
Located in: University of Toronto – St. George Campus