It’s always fun to think about alternate histories and futures. And while Seattle has upped their transportation development game in the past few years, it could certainly be stronger. This is why a Reddit user from New York decided to see what Seattle would look like had they developed an early subway system.

The map is styled in the same format as the iconic MTA maps which feature bright-line colors, train numbers, and letters and stops. And it was created assuming that Seattle began a subway system around the same time as New York (1904) and also that our city grew to be as big. Remember this is an interpretation.

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It shows a strong downtown service area with branches that extend into the suburbs. Some going as far as places like Bellevue, Redmond, and Issaquah. And of course, there are heavy interlining tracks to create many service patterns. Honestly, we really wish this were a reality.

While Seattle’s transportation system probably won’t be this detailed in our lifetime, we’re thankful that people have the creativity to come up with this stuff. And if you’re wondering, the original Redditor chose Seattle as an example city because it’s also surrounded by water, just like New York.

We also appreciate that the Redditor created a line expansion timeline and storyline. Because if you’re going to put this much effort into creating a map you might as well create a history for it as well. If you’d like to check out the map you can click here or above. Have a great weekend folks!