They say that if you just commit to something that you love doing, the money will come. While we can’t confirm that this is true in all cases, making a buck is a sure thing if your thing is beer because Halifax brewing company, Good Robot, is offering to pay people to post photos of them drinking their product on Instagram.

An opportunity available to those with 10,000 followers or less (sorry mega-fluencers), Good Robot will scratch the back of Canadians who scratch theirs.

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At $1 per tag (with a max of 7 posts), we certainly wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job, but we would recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to take a sip of something cold.

Available online here (and in select stores across the country) those interested are encouraged to pick up a pack or two – then click away!

Is the payout a ton of money? Absolutely not, but it’s the easiest “job” you’ll ever have.

For more information about the offer – which only runs until December 31st – you can visit their website here, otherwise, enjoy and happy sipping, folks!