One Toronto brewery just took a very impressive step in the right direction. Left Field Brewery just proudly announced that it has just become the fourth certified Living Wage Brewery in Ontario. Here in Toronto, they’re the very first.

So what’s a Living Wage Brewery? We’re glad you asked. Essentially, these spots work on the premise that their employees should be paid a living wage, as opposed to this minimum wage. This means everything is calculated out to find a number that keeps up with the actual cost of living in the city, without requiring folks to break their back working multiple jobs. Here in Toronto, that number works out to be $22.08/hour.

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In their statement about the matter, Left Field Brewery writes “the living wage movement is about more than just pay, it’s about creating a fair and supportive workplace.” Thus, they’re committed to a healthy work-life balance for their employees, health benefits on day one, paid sick days, paid educational opportunities, and more.

If you ask us, this impressive move has us in the mood to show a little support for Left Field Brewery! They’ve got an amazing online bottle shop (with free delivery!!) that you already know we’ll be placing an order or two from.

Hopefully, other spots in the city follow the amazing example Left Field is setting. And if you’re looking for a job at a brewery, this one is definitely the spot to hit.