‘Tis the season for fresh air, ants and feeling the grass between your toes! This summer, if your outdoor date or occasion calls for far more than a blanket and some sandwiches, call the Sleepee Party Boutique – a company that offers the most luxurious glampsite setups and picnics in Alberta.

Remember when your parents would throw you a themed party when you were a kid? From the matching plates to the decorations, there was literally nothing better on your birthday.

As we’ve gotten older, we’ve kind of given up on whimsy, trading party hats for reservations and decorations for a cab ride home – but no longer.

This year, treat yourself, because why the heck not – no matter the occasion!

These folks go seriously over the freaking top – transforming yards into extravagant garden venues and parks into a paradise.

The best part? No matter your age or where you are in Alberta you can choose between colours and themes or add wild party extras like an outdoor movie theatre, sweets cart or photo booths.

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They also do luxe adult sleepover parties and glamping trips – which are sure to be an absolute hit with anyone who still has an imagination, so get booking.

As usual, they’ve been crazy busy over the last few years, so if you’re interested head over to their site right now and shoot them an email for a quote and more information.

Enjoy, party animals!


Instagram: @SleepeePartyBoutique