Believe it or not, we’re about halfway through the first month of 2023! January has been off to a great start so far and there’s plenty more to check out. From film to delicious food, live performance, and more, the month is only getting better. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Seattle this week.

Railroad Earth

Wholesome start to January? New Jersey quintet Railroad Earth is headed for The Croc. You’ll be able to spend an evening listening to their happy tunes and enjoy their gleefully unpredictable live performance.

When: January 13th
Where: 2505 1st Ave
Cost: $32.50

Baywater Shellfish Bar Pop Up

This walk-in only pop-up is taking place at Bainbridge Island’s highly acclaimed Seabird restaurant which is on hiatus until February 9th. In the meantime, guests can dine on a selection of oysters on the half shell, steamed clams with white wine, lemon, and herbs, and mussels steamed in mead, bacon, butter,  and much more.

When: January 12th-15th
Where: 133 Winslow Way East
Cost: Varies by dish

Can Can’s House of Hearts

House of Hearts is the newest production from Can Can, an original story set in an imagined world. The production is infused with the romance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the quirkiness of Lewis Carroll, and the fantasies of L. Frank Baum.

When: January 12th-March 26th
Where: 95 Pine Street
Cost: $49+

Treat yourself to Brunch

As we face colder temperatures, it’s time to head indoors and start your weekends off right with a tasty brunch. From classic offerings to experimental fusion dishes, these spots are worth a try. We’ve compiled a list of the best brunch spots to check out in Seattle this winter.

Artusi Pasta & Wine Night

Sure pasta is easy to make at home but there’s nothing quite like having a really good bowl of pasta at a local restaurant. Artusi happens to have a pasta night each Sunday & Monday where you can score two full-sized pasta entrees and a pre-selected bottle of Italian red or white wine all for $45.

When: Sundays
Where: 1535 14th Ave
Cost: $45

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Grab a drink at a beautiful lobby bar

If you’re looking for a new place to grab drinks in Seattle this week, heading to a local hotel is a great choice. Many of our city’s hotels have beautiful bars that also happen to be available to the public. Here are 5 of the swankiest hotel bars you can grab a drink at in Seattle.

See what’s new on Netflix

Whether you like it or not, January is here. Plan out your month of streaming by checking out what’s coming to a computer screen or TV near you in the new year.

Go ice skating

Now that Halloween is behind us, you might just be looking to get more in the holiday or winter spirit. If that’s the case, ice skating is a great option. We’ve highlighted some of the best rinks around the city for you to enjoy.

Candlelight Concerts Seattle

Candlelight Concerts have happened in over 100 cities around the world with more than 3 million attendees. For the Seattle series, there are 10 different concerts being offered with a selection of available dates. Hear renditions of your favorite artists like Radiohead, Taylor Swift, and Coldplay.

When: Until February 14th, 2023
Where: Participating venues
Cost: $30+

Ginny Ruffner: What if?

Head over to Bainbridge Island to see the newest exhibition from local artist Ginny Ruffner. “This retrospective debuts Project Aurora, a two-story light show inspired by the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), and the Unperiodic Table, a tapestry enhanced through holographic images.”

When: Until February 15th
Where: 550 Winslow Way E Bainbridge Island, WA
Cost: Free

Enjoy all of the things to do in Seattle, and have a great week!