With the year coming to an end, we’re all wondering what’s what, who’s who, and how our favourite songs, movies, and companies fared in 2021. List after list, the picture becomes more clear but it just wouldn’t be complete without Rover.com’s annual rundown of Canada’s most popular pet names.

While the top picks usually change from year to year, they are also a reflection of current trends, pop culture, and the world around them. Psst… while ‘Rona’ didn’t crack the list, some of the most popular pet names in Canada for 2021 are pretty unique.

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Now let’s check out the top 10’s for both dog and cat names across Canada.

The top 10 female dog names as are follows.

1. Luna
2. Bella
3. Daisy
4. Lola
5. Molly
6. Zoe
7. Stella
8. Lily
9. Coco

Then we have the top 10 male dog names.

1. Charlie
2. Milo
3. Max
4. Leo
5. Rocky
6. Winston
7. Teddy
8. Duke
9. Buddy
10. Ollie

Next up are the top 10 female cat names.

1. Luna
2. Bella
3. Lily
4. Lucy
5. Daisy
6. Lola
7. Nala
8. Kitty
9. Sophie
10. Cleo

And last but not least, the top 10 male cat names.

1. Charlie
2. Leo
3. Milo
4. Oliver
5. Jack
6. Simba
7. Max
8. Loki
9. Gus
10. Jasper

Now get this, the two most popular pandemic-inspired pet names were “Rona” and “Covi”. As well as names inspired by the Olympics, Schitt’s Creek, and of course celebrities. If you’d like to check even more info on the most popular pet names in Canada, you can click here.