Forget about Spotify wrapped for a second, because we’re about to unveil the most expensive orders from SkipTheDishes for 2021. Remember that ‘treat yourself’ meal you had that set you back like $40 and had you stunned? Yeah, it’s got nothing on these orders, and thanks to info straight from SkipTheDishes, we can share them with you!

BC and Manitoba were the two provinces whose most expensive orders from SkipTheDishes were entirely alcohol. Someone in BC dropped $999.99 on Moet & Chandon champagne, a couple bottles of Close Azul Tequila, and some Ciroc Apple vodka. Meanwhile, the folks in Manitoba spent $674.88 on 12 bottles each of two different types of Cabernet Sauvignon. Fancy!

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In Alberta, someone dropped an impressive $866.65 on a Chinese cuisine feast that included dumplings, chicken fried rice, green onion cake, and a whole bunch more dishes. Meanwhile, the most expensive order nationwide came out of Ontario, where another person spent a mind-boggling $1,552.35 on an Indian food extravaganza that included 20 orders of Chicken Tikka Masala. Whoever you are, please invite us to your next dinner party.

But, we think the most impressive expensive of the year comes from Quebec. Someone with a propensity to party, while eating hilariously greasy food, spent $740 on their meal. What’d they get? Oh, you know, a dozen donuts, 5 orders of chicken wings, and 5 bottles of Hennessy. Talk about a primer for a good time!

Like we said at the start, we’re going to have to up our delivery game to even be in the running next year.