It’s been, oh how do we say this, a weird time for travel. Expedia has released the top travel trends for 2022, and it’s clear that folks are champing at the bit to experience the world outside their cities once more. Here’s the rundown.

The most prominent trend? That 61% of Canadians surveyed were ready to travel with a ‘no regrets’ (respect) attitude, which Expedia is dubbing the ‘Greatest of All Trips’ mentality. They want to use the term GOAT, but we’re gonna go ahead and pass there, thank you very much.

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First up for the travel trends for 2022? A serious number of Canadians have become less spontaneous (41%). From there, over a quarter of those who responded said they wanted to get back to living in the moment, whether they’re ditching the itinerary (22%) or doing what they want, when they want (29%).

To go alongside that, 36% of travellers are more ready to treat themselves on their vacations, and the same percentage wants to enjoy local delicacies, and feel excited and exhilarated again. While we can’t claim it’s the same respondents here, we do begin to see a trend emerging.

The biggest trend though? Almost half (41%) of travellers “are searching for a sense of contentment and mental wellbeing”. And after however many months of lockdowns, we definitely agree with that.