Craving a last-minute escape from the city? Look no further. Cabinscape, a network of gorgeous off-grid cabins around Ontario, has several rentals available this November and it’s the perfect setting to unplug and bond with nature.

Cabinscape’s tiny cabins are located on beautiful, rugged properties overlooking lakes, forests, creeks, and trails around the province. The cabins are so popular that many of them are practically booked solid several months in advance. But, every so often, there are a few cabins with last-minute availability.

Right now, there are five cabins you can book for a quick getaway this month — Starling Cabin, Wren, Cabin, Sol Cabin, Bone Cabin, and Quasi Cabin. Each one has its own unique design features and amenities. The cabins sleep anywhere from 2-4 people, and the prices vary depending on the day of the week.

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Photo via Cabinscape

The Starling Cabin and Wren Cabin are located on the forested grounds of the Calabogie Peaks Resort, where you’ll have access to all kinds of outdoor activities, including some of the best hiking trails in southern Ontario.

The Sol Cabin is located on a private lake in the Limberlost Forest & Wildlife Reserve, and by spring 2022, there will be 14 micro-cabins nestled on the grounds. Your stay comes with a complimentary canoe, so now’s your chance to take advantage before it gets too cold out there.

Photo via Cabinscape

The Bone Cabin in the Haliburton Highlands is equally as fun in the winter as in the summer, with ATVing and dog-sledding adventures to go in the snow

The Quasi Cabin in the back-country is a bit of a trek once there’s snow on the ground, but you’ll feel truly secluded once you’ve arrived. The cabin provides a sled and snowshoes for your journey in, but you can opt into a snowmobile shutting service instead.

Photo via Cabinscape

Ontario is home to some pretty unbelievable rentals. In addition to every kind of cottage getaway you could imagine, you could spend a night in a floating wine barrel or a real-life hobbit hole.

To see all of the properties on Cabinscape and for their availability, click here.