If this incident tells us anything, it’s that hopping the fence for that perfect Scarborough Bluffs photo is definitely not worth it. A TikTok video posted this past weekend shows a group of trespassers getting caught red-handed by a Toronto police officer.

The video starts with the officer calling the group over and telling them that he’ll be issuing each of them $5,000 tickets. He asks them to form a single-file line while he writes up the tickets.

“You could all be arrested right now because you’re trespassing,” the officer can be heard saying. “This is no joke,” he continues, telling them that they’re “absolutely nuts” for crossing the safety boundary, where there are signs posted about the fines.

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One person can be heard saying that they’re visiting and didn’t know the rules, but that excuse didn’t fly with the officer.

As for the penalty, it looks like they’ll have to wait until their court date to learn their fate. A Toronto Police spokesperson told Curiocity in an email that the police officers or bylaw issue a summons with a court date, and it’s up to the courts to determine the fine.

However, the maximum penalty of $5,000 is clearly printed on the fencing at Bluffer’s Park. The fences are there for good reason, too — it seems like every year, Toronto police and firefighters have to rescue trespassers who climbed over the barrier and got stuck.

Let this be your warning that when it comes to trespass fines at the Bluffs, the cops aren’t bluffing.