So restaurants have just begun reopening after months of closure thanks to COVID-19 concerns. And a few Toronto spots are using the opportunity to rethink the way the work and reopen with a new structure. We’re talking about tipping, people. As you may or may not know, tipping as a practice carries a long history of racism and discrimination. You can learn more about that here.

But now, three Toronto spots are doing away with the practice altogether. Yup, Richmond Station, Burdock Brewery, and Ten Restaurant have all taken to social media to announce their policies. In a recent Instagram caption, Burdock Brewery writes that they’re doing it for a few reasons. And those are “to provide a predictable living wage for our servers and kitchen staff during these unpredictable times, to avoid the race and gender prejudices that often come with tipping, and to limit back and forth with credit card machines for a safer patio experience.” Well put.

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So the restaurants are implementing the hospitality-included model in a couple of different ways. For Burdock Brewery and Ten Restaurant, an automatic 18% will be added to all bills. And for Richmond Station, all their menu prices have been upped by %18. This extra income will be split amongst front and back of house staff in the hope that it’ll provide a more stable, living wage.

So be sure to stop by any of these three restos next time you’re planning a night out to eat. Not only do they all provide delicious eats and drinks, but this new hospitality-included model is changing the restaurant game.


Richmond Station
 1 Richmond St W

Burdock Brewery
Where: 1184 Bloor St W

Ten Toronto
Where: 1132 College St