What would you do with a billion dollars? If we’re being honest, beyond travelling the world, we wouldn’t even know where to start! With that much money, you could buy everyone you know a nice house a car, donate millions to charity and still have some leftover – but for what? Luckily, for those like us who suffer from severe decision-making anxiety, we’ll probably never know. In fact, there might only be one person within our age bracket that ever will and we don’t envy him at all...

Vitalik Buterin was born in Moscow, Russia in 1994. At the age of 6, his family moved to Toronto, Ontario where he would grow up, excel in school, surpass all expectations, get a scholarship and then drop out of university to build an empire.

Though not much else is really known about his personal life, one thing is very clear.

Buterin is incredibly smart and now… he’s the world’s youngest crypto billionaire.

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After being introduced to the alternative currency by his father, the University of Waterloo alum (sans degree) was credited as the creator of Bitcoin Magazine, a popular online publication with a focus on crypto. Later, once the then 19-year-old, had basically learnt everything there was to know about how it worked and why, he would actually develop Etherium, a way of payment all his own.

Etherium was a success and now, not even a decade after laying the groundwork, his wallet of 333,500 Ether has been valued at a banging $1.029 billion.

The Russian-Canadian also has some famous Canadian kindness in him, as he has already done some incredible things with his money. In 2017 he donated $763,970 worth of Ether to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, an organization that ensures new artificial intelligence technologies have a positive impact on humanity.

In 2018 he donated another $2.4 million worth of Ether to the SENSE Research Foundation, another futuristic operative that develops solutions for health issues associated with ageing.

Other notable contributions include one he made to a charity that supports Ugandan Refugees, of $1 million and more recently a donation of $600,000 in Ether to a COVID-19 relief fund in India.

All in all, though we still don’t have an answer to “what in the heck would you spend an entire billion on,” we do have a pretty good idea – and it’s one that makes us pretty dang proud to share the continent with someone who has the means to do so.

Congrats on your first billy, Vitalik Buterin.. as long as you keep doing what you’re doing we support you.