Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and Toronto legend The Weeknd is giving back in a major way. The superstar took to Instagram and Twitter this week to announce a massive donation to Ethiopian relief funds. How massive is massive, you ask? The artist made a donation to the tune of $1 million.

“My heart breaks for my people of Ethiopia as innocent civilians ranging from small children to the elderly are being senselessly murdered and entire villages are being displaced out of fear and destruction,” The Weeknd wrote on social media. “I will be donating $1 million to provide 2 million meals through the United Nations World Food Programme and encourage those who can to please give as well.”

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As you may or may not know, Ethiopia has been undergoing conflict since November in the region of Tigray. As the World Food Program explains, the conflict coincided with peak harvest season in the area. Which lead to lost employment and income, disrupted markets, a rise in food prices, and limited access to resources.

Many have been left extremely vulnerable, which is why The Weeknd has been so generous.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Toronto-raised star has given back. He’s also famously donated thousands to the Ethiopic Studies program at the University of Toronto, half a million to the Scarborough Health Network, hundreds of thousands to Black Lives Matter organizations, and much much more. He is a very impressive guy.

You can join The Weeknd in giving back to the ongoing Ethiopian crisis when you donate to the U.N. World Food Program here.