We always love when our favourite musicians drop a new music video because it’s one of the best ways to watch them interpret their own work in a visual medium. And as you’re probably well aware, Adele has just dropped a killer video for her new smash hit ‘Easy on Me’ and it was directed by a Canadian. In fact, there are plenty of Canadian connections to the video! Let’s get into some details on the new video and director Xavier Dolan.

Adele’s new song, off the upcoming album 30, is a heavy one, as it explores her experience with divorce and learning to put herself and her life first. With lyrics like “There ain’t no room for things to change/When we are both so deeply stuck in our ways/You can’t deny how hard I have tried/I changed who I was to put you both first/But now I give up” you know the video needed to have some emotional flair.

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That’s where Quebecois director Xavier Dolan comes in. He’s directed 8 feature films and also directed the video for Adele’s hit “Hello” in 2015. His prowess and familiarity with Adele’s creative style led the duo to film a beautiful video full of all sorts of symbolism. Dolan creates a world in the video where Adele moves from a dark and dreary existence to one of colour and joy.

Perhaps one of the most blaring pieces of symbolism in the video is the shot of the newlywed couple driving by. This references Adele’s young marriage at age 24 to her ex-husband Simon Konecki. But it also just so happens to have been acted out by Quebecois model and speaker Amélie PM. And if any of that driving scene looks a little familiar it’s because, according to Global News, it was partially shot in the Eastern Townships of Quebec

According to that same article, Dolan and PM weren’t the only Quebecois talent involved. The video also included cinematographer André Turpin, production designer Élise de Blois and artistic director Carolyne de Bellefeuille. So give it up for Canada and Quebec! We love seeing our country’s talent at work and are excited to hear the rest of Adele’s album which will be released on November 19th.