It’s an open secret that Canada is a great place to study, and it’s not just because of our universities (although it definitely helps). A new list has placed Canada at the top of the most desirable countries for international students. What’s more, we beat everyone else by a landslide.

The list comes from the website Remitly. Basically, they looked at the Google search data to see how frequently people search about studying abroad in another country. While not every country provided enough data to make the list, they did get a roundup of 164 different ones.

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Image via Remitly

And, Canada topped the list by a landslide. According to the list, a whopping 36 different countries most frequently search about studying in Canada. The countries range from far-away spots like Mongolia to Kenya, but even relatively close options like France and Mexico also had Canada as the most popular destination. The second spot on the list? Spain, which is the top pick for our neighbours to the south, and has 13 in total.

As for where Canadians want to go, we apparently like France the most. We can believe it, thanks to our official bilingual status and the ever-popular French immersion education across the country. Now, all we have to do is swap our French Canadian accents for French-French and voilà! We’ll be dining on the streets of Paris in no time.

To check out the list of the most desirable countries for international students for yourself, just click here.