We all love a good state ranking but what about a global one? The past few years of happenings in the United States combined with the pandemic have really put what is “good” into perspective for us. But with that in mind, it actually looks like our country is doing pretty well in the eyes of the world.

We’re saying this because the 2021 report of the annual U.S. News Best Countries rankings has the United States as the 6th best country in the world. Although that may not seem super surprising, it’s a jump up from the 7th place ranking we achieved in 2020.

Plus this study had 76 metrics which means participants were thoroughly grilled about how they really felt.

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If you’re wondering, Canada came in the first place, and then Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia followed after. But honestly are you really surprised by these rankings? We feel like they make a lot of sense although it does hurt to be beaten by our northern neighbors.

Some of our most needed improvements are in racial equality in which we ranked #69 and incentives for major companies where we ranked #45. So we certainly aren’t perfect but we’re proud to be in the top 10. If you’d like to see more data from this study you can click here.