You might remember earlier this year when we reported on Here Today Brewery & Kitchen. The massive undertaking definitely seemed a little crazy during a time when many of the city’s infallible restaurants were closing. But what’s exciting is that the new brewery is on track to open in June 2021.

The seemingly Vaporwave-themed brewery has raised over $1 million to open. And that means right now they’re busy working on all those key, behind-the-scenes details. So we’ll impatiently wait for a new spot to enjoy brews on Seattle’s stunning waterfront.

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Not only are we excited for this new spot but we’re also excited for the location. Because obviously it’s by the water but it’s also by the Olympic Sculpture Park. This makes it the perfect spot to come after a walk downtown. Not to mention, we’re super excited to have yet another amazing local beer to love.

If you’d like to learn more about Here Today Brewery & Kitchen you can click below. What kind of beers are you hoping to see from this new spot? We’ll assume that whatever they make will be pretty legendary considering they have such a talented team. Can you tell we’re excited?

Here Today Brewery & Kitchen

Where: 10 Clay St
When: Opening June