We’re not trying to be insensitive here, but we can’t help but think of the opening credits of Bob’s Burgers when talking about the Sea to Sky Gondola these days. After not one, but two, insane acts of vandalism, the gondola is gearing up for a grand re-re-opening, and it should happen before the end of spring. Here’s the scoop!

Ok, back in August of 2019, operators discovered that someone had cut the main cable, causing irreparable damage to the cabins and gondola system. So, they got to work, and managed to source new parts in record time, reopening in February of 2020. And for a while, everything was back to normal (or, as normal as things could be during a pandemic).

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That only lasted a few months though, since the cable was cut a second time in September of last year. And due to logistics issues throughout the pandemic, it has taken a few extra months to get back on track. This time, though, they’ve pulled out all the stops.

According to the website, the Sea to Sky Gondola has worked with security companies to create measures that are ‘unique’ and ‘extraordinary’. We don’t know about you, but we take that, plus the fact that they won’t talk about what measures are in place, as a pretty serious comment. Rightfully so- there’s a $250,000 reward for info that leads to the perpetrators.

But we’re not super focused on that. Instead, we’re just waiting around for an official opening date, and hoping that Squamish will start allowing non-essential travel by then so we can go check it out.

To stay up to date on the Sea to Sky Gondola, you can follow along via Instagram or their website.