Three foods we never thought we’d see put together: burgers, pastrami, and bagels. Well, pastrami and bagels make sense, we suppose. But burgers? We weren’t so sure until we check out this Toronto chef. You may know him as @danseidman on Instagram. Or by his brand, The Chef Dan. Or maybe this is the first you’re hearing of him! Whatever the case may be, this guys serving up boxes that’ll satisfy your every weekend craving.

Just to be clear – he’s not actually making burger-pastrami-bagel hybrids. Although his more creative recipes do venture into that territory. No, what we’re here to discuss are his awesome snack boxes. You can enjoy your selection from his three tasty offerings! Or, ya know, order all three. We won’t judge you if you do…

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That’s right! You can indulge in the most flavourful burger kit in town. Or feast on delicious hand rolled bagels. A selection of house smoked pastrami brined for two weeks and served with incredible sides like sauerkraut, horseradish mustard, and kosher dill pickle? Oh yeah. He’s got that too.

All you have to do to get your hands on these delicious kits is shoot The Chef Dan a DM on Instagram. You can send in your pre-order messages beginning every Monday at noon to enjoy the offerings in the upcoming weekend. At the moment, he’s got the burger box and the pastrami box available at $40 apiece. Plus, an offer for half a dozen sourdough bagels at only $12.

These delicious kits look too good to pass up! Now if you don’t mind us, we’ll hurry over to this profile to see if we can nab one for ourselves. Yum!


Where: Check him out on Instagram