2023 has nearly come and gone, but it will leave us with some incredible memories.

From openings to incredible concerts, Wild Rose Country has had one heck of a year, but few things will top seeing Alberta-shot The Last of Us on the small screen.

Not only was it a smash hit on HBO but it has been named the largest series ever filmed in Canada!

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With over 1,490 jobs stimulated for the province and 1,000 businesses supported by the production, the Motion Picture Association has confirmed what many speculated in 2021.

The Last of Us starring Pedro Pascal (Mandelorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), will go down in history for spending $141 million across the province.

According to the MPA, $71 million was allocated for production spending while the remaining $70 million was spent at local businesses – which we love to see!

Want to catch (or rewatch) the show in all of its glory?

Proceed with caution.

While it may look like it’s only about zombies and fungus on the outside, it’s actually one of the most devastating (and most impressive) dramas we’ve ever watched.


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In fact, it was so impressive that it earned 24 Emmy nominations for everything from makeup and hair to production and best guest actors.

Sadly, the show’s continuation will not be filmed in the Prairies.

With no official start date, it looks as though  British Columbia will see the video game adaptation’s second season but don’t fret… we’ll always be first!

Despite the news about volume two, this is pretty cool and we hope to see more in and around Alberta come 2024.

Here’s hoping!